Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eyelash Lady

You're very good at comming up with nicknames.

Cuz if you're not... *shudders*

I hope you're talking about your face.

Reall, they do

That's what they all say

Learn your shapes

That's kind of what a circle is...

My neighbors do really weird things in their spare time

Do you go around sniffing fossels?

Try cleaning out your GIANT bunny ears

Pippy needs a hearing aid

Really. Just stop.

Would you like some ice with that burn?

Jiggle and wobble

Elmer watches fish jiggle and wobble in his spare time.

Olivia is part owl

Are you okay, there?

'Cuz if it's screaming it isn't mellow....yeah.

VERY mellow.

Pascal 3

Certainly not near your brain

Not that I've...ever done that...

That's EXACTLY what I'm going to do.

Keeping secrets from fish

And then...

I promise I won't tell the fish.

Random house

This is the most random house I've EVER SEEN! It's a room with a trash can, surf board, toaster, random chair, fridge, bowling ball return, and a sewing machine. So random

Then no one would really care

That would be TRAGIC

That makes alot of sense

Yeah. I'm always nervous about condiments. o_O

Paper hats

I have a closet ful of paper hats too! ...Oh, wait, no I don't, cuz I'm not STUPID